The vocaloid academy aplication by amutolover98-d4ztsy2

Master is amutolover98.


Name: Utau Kiseki

Age: 14

Loves making tea and playing the piano. after her parents died she moved in with her cousin and a year later went to live with a another relative who is now her "master". She has a thing for weapons and loves to sword fight and use her "master" Kana as target practice for archery. She mainly likes to eat Asian food since she lived in Japan for about 4 years but she hates the taste of octopus. Also she thinks octopus are complete perverts due to things that happened during her beach trip with Lez and Lek. If your REALLY good friends with her or she has a crush on you she will occasionally act tsundere but tries not to. She has trouble reacting to her friends if their sad or upset, which results in her thinking that they might assume she doesn't care about them. Secretly she loves cute things and if her "kawaii radar" goes up she'll go into fangirl mode. She works at a Sanrio store


quiet around large groups of people, but when she's with three or less people can be more social. when embarressed around the one she likes she tends to blush and call them a "baka" (Idiot) especially when complimented. She'll be nice to most people and usually appears happy except for when she's tired or bored which results in her being in a bad mood and her speech slightly changing.


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