Also Known as "Hilda Forte", a shy and hyper 15 year old who's Master is Kisekui


Touko wearing a dress

Relationship with KisekuiEdit

her relationship with her Master is very jolly,loving and gullible

sometimes, they argue and apologize, she always turn to her Master for advice in life and improvements on her gaming skills

Personality Edit

somehow, she's shy and hyper but when drunk, she's more of a challenger but when lovestruck or near her love interest she's shy,tense and stutters a lot


- translated to english her english name is Hilda Forte

- possiblities are shown, her possible love interests are Mikio Nakamura and Mato Kaneko

- noted, her best friends are Sumizu, Creatia, Nao, Rynee, Lek, Lez, Maki and sometimes, Mato

- her Filipino name is Denise Pangilinan

- her birthday is on July 15


a vocaloid who's 15 years old and loves video games she is like Kisekui's alter ego As a child, Her real parents abandoned her not that they don't love her Her Mom was forced to abandon her by her Father for unknown reasons but it is noted she still Loves her Mother than her Father


of course who doesn't have a relationship?

Relationship with Mato KanekoEdit

Mato acts innocently to Touko but Touko, acts strange such as always blushing and stuttering there are Possibilities that Touko may have a big crush on Mato ever since the Drunk RP

Then Mato changed back into his shota form. Ever since that, Touko teased and treated him only like a friend. Not as a crush or love interest

Relationship with Maki KanekoEdit

they act like best friends and shares secrets with each other as well as Touko's crush on Mato

Relationship with Rynee AndersonEdit

they have a sister relationship, Rynee being the elder sister because she is much more mature than Touko and more good at gaming

Relationship with SharaEdit

They Appear to be best friends They share secrets with each other, Play with each other, Gossip and ohter things what best friends do

Relationship with Leon NekoEdit

Currently in a relationship.But for Touko keeps flirting or having crushes on other guys leaving Leon. But often gets desperate and realizes that she fell for the wrong guy. Then goes back to Leon. Touko's just really stupid and stubborn