The name of the school (duh XD), based of of VOCALOID, a voice synthesizer program. The main focus of the school is music-oriented, with the dorms being separated as "Singers", "Instrument Players", and "Both", instead of the "Boys" and "Girls" dorms you'd usually see. It was created by Sumizu (Shualee), who is also the Student Body President.

School LayoutEdit

There isn't an official map of the school, but it's said there are several classrooms, a large cafeteria, a garden, and then dorms.


Generic classrooms. Along with the usual classes (math, science, english, social studies( there are several more music classes, along with a optional foreign language class.


A cafeteria where students sometimes go to eat. It's joked by some of the students, mainly Lez and Rynee, that the food there tastes just like the food from famous fast food restaurants, such as Burger King.


A simple garden with many flowers and other vegetation. Students go there sometimes just to relax and take their minds off things.


There are three main dorms. The Singing Dorm for students who sing only, the Instrumental Dorm for students who play and instrument only, and the Singing and Instrumental Dorm, for students to do both. Most time is spent here.

Outside the SchoolEdit

Students often exit the school to do many things, mainly eat and shop.


There are many places to eat nearby, including a Burger King, Taco Bell, a cosplay cafe, and a maid cafe. Many students go there to eat instead of the cafeteria, and some students work at the cafes as a part time job.


There's a local supermarket for grocery shopping that is easily accessable. There is also a mall within driving distance that many students like to go shop at. Neither place is named.


It's shown that there is also a park and a beach near, which students sometimes visit.