The Student Body President, and the one who helped start the academy!

Name: Sumizu Shimizu

Age: 14

Color: red

She sings mostly duets and plays the violin


Sumizu grew up in a small town. Her father passed away when she was young and her mother always had to work. So her older brother mostly took care of her. Sumizu had stayed home only most of the time because her mother had to work days at a time so wasn't hardly ever home so her brother worked at a resterant playing music.She had only one friend and her name was " Sora Ryu " they would hang out and play all the time. Sumizu was bullied alot at school. One day her brother cought some 8th graders bullying her and he got hurt trying to protect her. After her brother got hospitalized Sumizu ended up taking her brother's job at the resterant. She sneaked and visited him everyday. One day while seeing him she fell out of a tell and fell on Shualee ( her soon to be master ). She appolizied to her and they went there own ways, Many years later while Sumizu,Kumizu and Sora were coming home from school they saw Shualee again. Shualee oftered to make Sumizu a vocaloid. Her brother wasn't very happy about the idea. But after many hours of begging and being annoying he finally let her go with Shualee. After becoming a vocaloid her brother come one a couple of mouths after. Soon they found out the stoped ageing after there birthday passed. They wanted to keep it a secret but it was eating at Sumizu because she just couldn't keep a secret away from all her new friends. So she wanted to tell everyone. At first her brother wouldn't allow it but Sora talked him into saying yes and they told everyone.

So now Sumizu is the president of " The Vocaloid Academy " and she keeps everyone out of trouble. Well untill are best friend + Fighter buddy " Sora " comes on the seen.

Personality and lookEdit

Sumizu is a kind and hyper girl. Making friend is what she does best. Sumizu knows whats it's like to have problems so she always listens to her friends and other students at the academy. She's always willing to try and listen to new ideas.

And she is a huge " Hello Kitty " fan. But she is a tom boy.

Sumizu as two oitfits

First outfit is her very first Vocaloid outfit

She wears a white shirt, red shorts white sleevs with a red stripe at the bottom. She had short hair and headphones are white with red. She has gray legwormers and red shoes.

Second outfit is her next vocaloid outfit

She has a white shirt with a red bow and longer sleevs and a skirt with shorts under and red shoes and her hair is longer