The Master of Aoto Midori

Real Name: Destiny Star ______.


Rather chubby (But it is just baby fat T^T). 5'1-2, 1_2 lbs. Usually mistaken for either a 10-year-old or a 17-year-old, although I am older than 10, but younger than 17. Big thighs, small calves. Nationality: Spanish (But from America, Yo.)

Relationship With AotoEdit

Her relationship with Aoto is very, very close: They never disagree or fight, and can always cheer each other up if they are not in a good mood. Their relationship could never be broken up.


Being the total opposite of Aoto, she is very outgoing, but this is probably their only difference: so she is a lot like Aoto.

Adjectives To Describe Her: outgoing, playful, (In a way) spoiled, sweet, colorful.