Chibi aoto
A student who attends the Vocaloid Academy, 17 years of age.

Colors: Obviously, blue and green.

Owner/Voice provider?: StarGirl2Rules


(Copied from the readme of her VB. Her bio has changed a lot from the last time I updated this page.)

Creator's preferred flag: h70H50L80F60g+4

Name: Aoto Midori 

Age: 15

Weight: 128lbs.

Height: 5'7

Birthday: June 29 (Thus her number is 0629)

Release: 4-01-13

Character Item: Whipped cream can

Personality: Usually pretty shy, but can become a totally outgoing, friendly, and

obnoxious person if befriended. She loves to wear kimonos, go to the beach, and go on her laptop (Well, DUH).

She hates stupid people and listening to Nicki Minaj. And Glee.

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